Blog Tour: Victory’s Voice/Character Spotlight!

I am so excited to be sharing a character spotlight from VICTORY’S VOICE from the lovely Erika Mathews today … Actually, I was supposed to post this two days ago but failed to do so, sadly.


When an extroverted bookworm discovers the hidden power of spoken words, death and life tremble in the balance on the tip of her tongue. But not only figuratively.

At seventeen, Ellisia’s passion for learning and books dominates her small-town existence. No wonder she’s elated when an opportunity to attend Academy arises: she can finally fulfill her lifelong goals to further her education and see the famed Palace BookHall. But as she begins to discover the true power of the spoken word, she faces a choice: join forces with a foreign physicist or relinquish her dream to someday work in the BookHall. Loyalties and ambitions war within Ellisia once the scientist’s projects begin to threaten her family’s safety. When impending crisis brings a clash of spiritual kingdoms, Ellisia must once for all choose how she’ll harness the power of words. Spoken words transcend her reality, uniting heavenly with earthly and commanding the forces that drive the physical world, and Ellisia’s voice will be the catalyst for sure defeat—or decisive victory.

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Erika Mathews is an author and editor who lives in the farm country of Minnesota with her husband and children. She’s a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications, a Master’s in Biblical Ministries, and a passion for sharing Jesus Christ and His truth. When she’s not working with books, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, piano and violin, organizing, and using the Oxford comma. You can connect with Erika at







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Now, meet Caeleb!

Caeleb Rohaea (CAY-leb Roe-HAY-ah)

Age: 27

Personality type: ESFP

Height: 5’ 10”

Hair: medium brown, straight, short

Eyes: gray-brown

Home: the Lower District of Syorien, the capital city of Taerna

Family: Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, and several older siblings, including his sister Mae (with her husband Jaeson and baby triplets Daenia, Elkaenah, and Naethan).

Personality: fun-loving yet serious, teasing yet kind. Caeleb makes friends easily. He always seems to know what to say to put people at ease. He’s loyal and devoted

Occupation: Caeleb is a key figure among the followers of Adon Olam (Taernan name for God, comes from a Hebrew transliteration from Scripture). His role is something even Ellisia doesn’t know…

Author notes: Caeleb originally sprang into being as merely “Kaelan’s friend” in Promise’s Prayer. However, the more he appeared on page, the more he developed a personality of his own that threatened to take over. 😉 He’s a side character who shines beautifully, and I hope he gets his own short story someday, because it needs to be told. I love his warm, hearty personality.

His elder-brother relationship with Ellisia wasn’t planned, but it was established back in Promise’s Prayer. It was only natural for him to play a key part in her story as well.

Favorite quote by Caeleb in Victory’s Voice: “Adon Olam told me to make disciples. I certainly don’t feel like the right sort of chap for that, but He never said I had to be. I don’t enjoy this job in the least, but He didn’t promise I would. I go about everything wrong and make all sorts of mistakes, but He never asked for perfection. He just told me to do it. I’m going back to it. Now.”

Fun fact: Caeleb’s name appears 265 times in Victory’s Voice. 

Have you read Erika’s books yet?! Because I am so excited to dive into them this weekend!

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