A Million And One Things To Do But I’m Just … Waiting?!

Edit to add: I wrote this before today, I actually got my novella back from my editor for the final time, today!

I have a million and ONE things I’m doing or should be working on.

I am helping a friend launch her book in July. (Which you NEED to sign up to review or join the blog tour HERE if you haven’t already! You’ll love this book!)

I am finishing up my short novella prequel with my editor who is also a skilled friend that I am trading my services with in return for editing.

I am starting the writing camp I do online with friends.

I am starting the first draft of my novel in my first series that I hope to publish this year.

I am waiting for a friend to get back to me with the blurb of my book as we’re trading services as well.

I’m listening to sad music while I write.

I’m changing my blogging schedule. (More on that at the end of this post.)

Of all of those things, the one I’m liking best is being in the middle of writing a full series.


I am publishing a short novella PREQUEL to a military fiction series.

The goal is four books in all. The prequel novella, the first, second, and third novels.

Oh, The Fallen releases Memorial Day, 2021.

Oh, The Lamented is hopefully releasing Veterans’ Day, 2021 with pre-orders opening on Memorial Day.

Oh, The Dwindling is hopefully releasing July 4th, 2022.

Oh, The Slain is hopefully releasing September 11th, 2022.

I honestly wasn’t going to make the series release dates a real and sure thing until I had written more and was sure the dates will stick… But I am hoping, praying, and doing my best to have it happen on those dates and I am way ahead of schedule for all of my work for now so I am going to share a bit about it!

I’ve actually written a story that is publishable in length, I have figured out my way of writing, and I am working on this series in all of my writing time and free time.

I have covers for all four books, I have the formatting figured out (…mostly… how ebooks hate me. ;)), I have my editor picked out (she’s a gem, by the way!) and I am going to be looking for launch team members, bloggers, and reviewers soon.

Those are things I am looking forward to, and yes, there are also things I’m not looking forward to so much… Like…

Getting a headshot done since I don’t have a very good picture of myself.

Writing the sad parts of my novels. #whichimustwriteordie

Or having people I don’t know (or even do know) reading my book.

Because that whole part of sharing my book with the world? Yeah, it is so scary! I’ve barely shared it outside of people I trust.

But I also have a friend (who is a friend, my editor, and an all-round lovely girl who is one of my best writing friends) who would likely have my rear if I didn’t publish it… She would likely be backed up by one or two of our other friends and they get kinda scary when they’re trying to defend one of their own or … um … want justice for a character and to see the story.

So, mostly, I’m just sitting here waiting for the last round of edits, excited to see the final blurb to OTF, and hoping that I can pull off a cover reveal, launch a book of my own when I’m terrified of doing it for myself and would rather stick to helping my friends launch their books as that makes sense… and because I didn’t pour out my heart in the cover, story, and every detail of this little novella.

Otherwise, if you read that all, keep a lookout for me to share a cover reveal and requests for launch team members.


Not completely!

But, I don’t think blogging daily, or whatever weirdness has been going on with my crazy schedule is working anymore. Which means, from now on you can expect one post a week with the normal blog tours, review requests, and monthly review books I get.

Sounds good?!

This is something like what you can expect…

Monthly on Monday @ 11 AM.

Week 1: Writing updates/inspiration/things on my books. (Snippets, interviews, fun posts.)

Week 2: Song, encouragement, Bible verse, etc.

Week 3: Tags!

Week 4: Book Reviews and reading updates.

Week 5: Indie author spotlight.

Which I am hoping will work better and I can share content/news you really want to see!


I read and reviewed 14 childrens books, 6 review books, and read 17 books for fun.

I wrote 9,801 words that I remembered to keep track of so I may have written over 10,000 words!

My family was able to have some fun at parks on a few different days.

I got several books in the mail and am excited to read them.

For fun, I designed a video trailer for my novella, I can’t wait to share it with you all!

My parents gifted me with a brand new, so amazingly silver (which is more my color) laptop that I am getting used to and I love it.

Sadly, WordPress has updated on me, which I highly dislike.

My family watched The Chosen which I LOVED, I rarely love Biblical shows or plays but I loved this one the episodes and am looking forward to the second season! You should really watch it! I am pretty sure you can find it free on many websites as the makers do not want to have anyone pay for it.

… Also, and I debated mentioning this, I finally found some answers for health things that I’ve been struggling with for the last six months… Which is great but I also may have spent an evening in the ER and now know I have deadly allergies along with a oh so very fun (#sarcasm) mast cell disease. Yay! But, seriously, I am glad to be making progress in the health areas of my life and I am no longer breaking out every time I eat or nearly having a full anaphylactic episode when I take a ride in our van.

A bright spot in this is that I have so much writing time I was able to finish that 6 drafts of OTF and that is nearly ALL done and I’m starting off my writing month well and I have already written the crazy (for me) amount of nearly 3,000 words.

Last but not least my family is possibly moving in the next few months which is very exciting!

And, that’s all for today…


Read any good books? Or do anything fun or unexpected?

6 responses to “A Million And One Things To Do But I’m Just … Waiting?!”

  1. Eeeeeps, great post!! I’m so excited for you!!! And you’re doing great and will keep doing great!


    1. Awww, you’re so sweet, Kats, thank you!

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  2. So exciting, Abigail! Keep up the good work ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so excited for you, Abi!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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