Blog Tour: Playgrounds and Black Markers by Libby May!

I am behind on my reviews and I haven’t gotten to this one yet … I will get it up soon! (Maybe this afternoon) However, I got this spotlight up since I NEEDED to share about this book!


Nineteen-year-old Jake Jett always knew what he wanted as his career, but time runs short as his chances to follow his dream seem to disappear. The constant pressure to attend a prestigious college pushes out any hope of pursuing his own desires.

Feeling unheard, Jake sinks into his hidden addiction.

Rose Johnson has the best adoptive family she could imagine. . . until they receive a new set of placements. Add that to her unexpected reunion with Jake, life is thrown completely off balance. Overcoming his repulsive attitude towards her, she’s compelled to convince him he has the power to quit his addiction and follow his dreams.

When hearts get in the way, confusion settles in. Life is more complicated than anyone could have realized. Is it possible to leave all of the steps and outcomes at the throne of God? Does everyone truly have a destiny?

Ebook order /// Paperback order /// Goodreads

*note preorders will not be mailed until mid May as Libby May will not have access to a post office!

Have you ordered your copy yet? Or if you haven’t have you read Dewdrops and Butterflies yet?

6 responses to “Blog Tour: Playgrounds and Black Markers by Libby May!”

  1. this book sounds (and looks) so good I might have to try it!

    And also, Abigail, I emailed you, it would be nice if you email me back! Thank you : )


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try it… I’m looking forward to sharing my review soon.

      I just checked my email and responded!


  2. I’m so excited for this book! I enjoyed Libby May’s other book, and I think I’ll enjoy this one too!

    Liked by 1 person

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