Book Review: Amanda by Sarah Monzon

Amanda: A Sweet Romantic Comedy


“The devil made me do it” is a phrase that will never pass my lips. Why would it when I have Delores, my undiagnosed autoimmune disorder, to make all my decisions for me? (Yes, I named her myself since the doctors couldn’t do it for me.) A get together with friends? Delores says no. I’ll have my prescheduled daily afternoon fever and fatigue at that time.

My two biggest regrets with having Delores direct my fate? One, my family thinks my illness is all in my head. And two, I set the love of my life, Peter Reynolds, free from my anchoring tether so he could fly. I never thought I’d see him again, but five years later he’s soaring in the limelight as one of the most talked-about defensive players in professional football. Oh, and did I mention he also happens to play for the team my boss just assigned me to as a social media manager?

Meanwhile, nothing much has changed for me. Delores still bosses me around, and I’m still hopelessly in love with Peter. What’s a girl to do?

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Insomnia, flared burning in my hands, joints tight, and a killer headache often cause restless nights during which I don’t fall asleep until my eyes shut with exhaustion.

The best thing I can do not to go through the night floundering is read. So, often I will read some light book as a distraction, or catch up on reviews and wait until a “reasonable” or “normal person” time to post my reviews.

But, “Amanda” by Sarah Monzon?

I didn’t want to wait to share my review. I’ve only gone through health things the past year and it has been crazy and hard. Well, “Amanda” was just the right amount of romance, comedy, and realness that I couldn’t help nearly crying over the feeling of someone “getting it”. Sure, I know others going through health things without answers as their bodies are attacked by unseen things that they are told are “in their head” but there are rarely books that show so much realness from an autoimmune disorder. Amanda and Peter are such a wonderful leading couple, I just loved them, I loved their relationship, their second chance at love, their friendship, everything! AND MOST OF ALL THE HUMOR. Plus, hey, John, he’s such a sweetheart and I wanted to see more of him!

Monzon hit this one out of the park, ehhh, wrong sport, but you get the point. 😉

Anyway, even though my review is pretty much mush, I suggest that you read this book if you like rom-coms, have health issues, or if you know someone going through health issues that may not be seen all of the time.

Content: 18+ for romance.

2 responses to “Book Review: Amanda by Sarah Monzon”

  1. I think I need to read this 😉

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    1. Hehe, yes! You personally wouldn’t love it as much as I did but you may like it quite a bit.

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