Stats, Storyboard, Character Intros, and Playlist! – Oh, The Fallen

Welcome to day to of the blog tour for Oh, The Fallen!

I’ve gone into some of what we’re covering today in other posts, in interviews, guest posts, etc. but today I really wanted to go into how the stats of Oh, The Fallen as it was being written.

I found out that the best way for me to write is to layer what I want in the story little by little, I start with thin bones of a story and go on to add details, descriptions, feelings, and pretty much everything.

So, the first draft of Oh, The Fallen was not what the story became. The first draft was a SUPER SUPER short flash fiction that barely deserves the name of a flash fiction.

It was titled An Airman’s Love and I forgot about it after a while.

And, just for fun this is what it was:

Danny shook out her curls, “No one, and I do mean, no one, tells me what to do except God. So, if I want to cry I’m gonna cry, I just wish you were here to hear it, Matt.” She fought the urge to crumble the letter in her hand and stared at the small misshapen writing that made up her boyfriend’s last words.

Scooting to the passenger seat she just sat there, not caring if anyone saw her in the passenger seat of the truck she now owned, not caring if they thought her crazy for remembering when she’d sit there for hours every time Matt was home and they’d go driving through the country, planning their wedding the last year of his life, and praying for a happy family that wouldn’t give up even when they felt lost.

She didn’t care because she was … just remembering when she had an airman’s love as tears fell down her face.

As you can tell, I switched from Air Force to Army for the sake of easy and because it was inspired by Kassie Angle and she’s an Army girl, if you don’t know her or her books. I also changed the points of view, the start of the story, and pretty much everything and the end no longer looks like this as it once had.

Now, after taking those 160 words and changing them into my first draft I had many other layers or drafts to do and ended with this…

First Draft: 2,784

Second Draft: 4,303

Third Draft: 5,414

Fourth Draft: 6,188

Fifth Draft: 14,202

Sixth Draft: 14,337

Final Draft: 15,435

So, as crazy as my way of writing seems to be when I think about the way others write it works for me and I’m in love with this series so much and hope you are too.

Today we aren’t only talking about the stats of the story, nope, we’re also doing some character introductions, I’m sharing the link to the storyboard, and the link to the play list through it was kinda hacked by my brother so I can no longer say I recommend all of the songs as he told me some of them aren’t good to listen to more than once so there’s that… Mostly because they are country, patriotic, and some have language that I dislike.

Matthew “Matt” Wohali Renicker


Matt is the son of a Vietnam veteran and a nurse who loved him before the war. Matt joined the Army just as soon as his dad would let him and he’s always been passionate about following God, being the guy his girl needs, and protecting the land of his birth.

Dandelion “Danny” Pierce


Danny … Oh, Danny is the one who started this whole thing with the way I couldn’t leave her story alone and the way I just didn’t want to let the ideas go. Danny’s really the backbone of this series and she’s not an easy character to leave alone so even now it is unlikely I’ve written the last of her.

Sean Josiah Bryant

Dean O'Gorman talks about art, inspirational music, chest hair ... - Oh No They Didn't! Page 39

Sean is the closest to normal in the ragtag group of heroes in the series of Oh, The Brave. He’s the oldest of three kids, son of a man that doesn’t back down from a dare or challenge, his mom is the strong minded one of the family and is often busy caring for her parents.

Mitchell “Frisco” J. Francisco

Robbie Amell in The Duff (2015)

Frisco is the black sheep of his family, broken, hurting, and running from God and his past, he’s finally returning home which is where his own book, Oh The Lamented picks up!

Ekundayo “Day” Burns


Burns, okay, Burns is still not letting me know much about him and what I do know… Well, that would be a huge spoiler for his and other stories so you’ll just have to really meet him later. 😉

Now, you’ve met the main characters who have the point of view of Oh, The Fallen and the Oh, The Brave series so it’s time for me to share the playlist…

So, here it is… Oh, The Brave Playlist! Ooh, and for the record Fallen Soldier is the one song that got stuck in my head because I played it for like a week straight!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more fun bookishness!

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