Blog Tour: Surrender’s Strength by Erika Mathews, Excerpt!


The window was dusky when she finally stirred. Her head pounded; her throat ached. She needed to find wa­ter.

Step by careful step, she pulled herself towards the door, for once in her life not caring that hair ends stuck out of every twist of her frizzy braid and that her dress was unacceptably rumpled.

In the front room, she found the tap and thrust her bottle beneath it. The handle was stuck.

She pushed again. Couldn’t she even get water? Couldn’t she even do that for herself? Must everything frustrate her so?

She swallowed. She didn’t have the strength to fight the tap just now. She swallowed a second time, partly because her throat was dry and sore, but partly because she didn’t want to say the words she needed to say.

Adon Olam, help me.

Who would have thought four small words could be so painful, yet so necessary? She squeezed her eyes shut, her chin hitting her chest in humiliation—or was it humility? When had she ever asked for help before? Dictated, delegated, yes.

But now she was asking. 

Now for the book info!

Are you looking for a clean Christian novel with lifelike characters, a plot that keeps you turning pages, deep Biblical messages, and totally family friendly content? Surrender’s Strength (Truth from Taerna #3), a new Christian kingdom adventure novel by Erika Mathews, is just the book to meet that need – and it’s now available! You can pick up the paperback and ebook on Amazon here


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Her only ambition is keeping her old familiar identity. 

But she isn’t given that choice.

Ever since her mother’s death, all Laelara wants is to keep doing what she’s good at: managing the household. She definitely isn’t interested in higher education. When she’s sent to the city to further her schooling, Laelara finds herself caught up in a case of mistaken identity that seems like the perfect opportunity to avoid the despised Academy. Amid the whirlwind of new friends, new jobs, and the glitzy social life of the Palace District—particularly the trivia contests—her double life becomes more and more precarious. For the first time in her twenty years, everything spirals out of her careful control: her family’s security, her job, her friendships, and her very identity. With her lifelong purpose and identity stripped away, to what will Laelara surrender, and where will she find the strength to persevere?

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Erika Mathews is an author and editor who lives in the farm country of Minnesota with her husband and children. She’s a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications, a Master’s in Biblical Ministries, and a passion for sharing Jesus Christ and His truth. When she’s not working with books, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, piano and violin, organizing, and using the Oxford comma. You can connect with Erika at








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