Book Review of Since You’ve Been Gone by Tari Faris!

Since You've Been Gone (Restoring Heritage, #3)Since You’ve Been Gone by Tari Faris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some books have a lesson that touches you.

Then, there are other books, books like Since You’ve Been Gone, where the lesson just reaches out with each smooth turn of the page with a brush of love from the author’s heart to paper and then into a reader’s touch. The way she wove such a careful story of redemption, healing from wounds inflicted by those who should be the ones you can always go to, and that each and every person is special was one not easily forgotten.

Tari Faris is an auto need to read, where is my copy, kind of author. She’s been that way since I read You Belong with Me when it first came out. The way that the characters come to life, the town becomes a piece of your heart, and you never want to stop reading it makes me wish there was more.

Jon, oh, okay, Jon! He’s just so close to stealing Nate’s place as my favorite of the guys, but so are Luke, Grant, and Colby, oh, and I can’t forget Chet! They are just such sweet guys that I loved reading about. The girls are also so awesome, can I just be Hannah when I grow up? Yeah, and then there’s of course Leah. Yikes, it was crazy relating to her about things but not being able to imagine what happened to her and her family in the past. And, sweet Jimmy! I loved finding out what happened with him though I totally called it. Abby is somebody I really want to see more of in the future.

The sibling relationship/guardianship and raising a little sister for Jon and Abby were so bittersweet… I worried there for a bit that there wouldn’t be an outcome I liked. Did I like it? More than I can say but you need to find out for yourself if you agree on that ending!

As happy as I am that this series has ended, I am saddened to leave the world of Restoring Heritage and the characters that are now like old friends.

Warnings: 18+ due to romance, past abuse, mentions of drinking/drunks, unwed pregnancy before the book starts and a character knows God, etc. Mentions of attraction, sexy is used, some other focuses on attraction.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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