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You’ve Forgotten!


Dear lady,
You swore to remember—never to forget.

It took less than 20 years to see your lies. The broken promises. To see you didn’t mean the justified defense of the country built on the belief that God has given us rights that no man should take from us.

I know I’ll make friends upset, that many will be angry when they read this.

But, I want you to think about the 2,977 men & women who died on 9/11, the 13 service members who died in August, the men & women who have died in the years since 9/11, the ones who lose someone from those incidents, the families who still go through the tasks that come with living with those who suffer daily due to their time fighting.

*However they fought.*

Think about that every time you put on a mask, argue or push someone to get a gab, or are wondering; what would I have done in Nazi Germany?

I am a Christian.
I know politics.
I’ve seen V damage.
I’m a veteran’s daughter.
I’ve seen PTSD.

All I’m asking is for you to think about this.

Just. Think. About. It.

Don’t comment anything you *don’t* want an honest answer to.

I believe in the country I was born and raised in BUT most of all I BELIEVE IN GOD, His Truth, & living & fighting in spite of fear.


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