A Peaceful Protection: Synopsis!

Here is my official synopsis to my WIP!!!

About A Peaceful Protection: There is no peace in bitter protection, yet God offers peaceful protection with trust in him.
The second Prince of Bellatrix is assassinated before his brother’s eyes and it turns out he had secrets – And they weren’t his … – and slowly they come to light after his death.

After his twin’s death, Nicholas third prince of Bellatrix, must decide if he will trust that his brother’s killer will be caught and his family protected or if he will let bitterness fester.

Olivia never dreamed her husband would die three months after their secret wedding, and that she would be left a widow and soon to be mater to twins at eighteen-years-old.
A wounded spy knows more than he lets on and he keeps showing up around the royal family. He may be connected to the murder of Prince Michael, but the only question is how?


This is my main project right now! Does it sound interesting? Would you want to read it? I’ll be sharing my mock cover soon too!

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