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Book 31 of 31 Christmas Book Reviews!

Pretend that this was posted after midnight.
Beloved, bestselling author of Amish fiction, Wanda E. Brunstetter takes readers on a journey in 1850 along the California Trail.
Only the brave—or foolhardy—would attempt a cross-country journey late in the season. Three wagons meet up in Independence, Missouri, in April 1850, and their owners decide to keep forging ahead despite many setbacks and delays. December finds them in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when a sudden snowstorm traps them, obscuring the trail.
Cynthia Cooper is traveling with her mother and the man she has promised to marry. But as Christmas is upon them and they are hunkered down in a small cabin, she is forced to reevaluate her reasons for planning to marry fellow-traveler Walter Prentice. When a widowed father heading to a California ranch and a gold prospector both show an interest in Cynthia, she weighs her dreams for marriage alongside her responsibility to care for her mother. Can love win over her timid heart?
My Review:
Before you read this review, you need to know I will be trying other books by this author because of her long writing history and I hold hope that her older books will be great since I know two people who enjoyed them. (One of them would be my mom, and she isn’t too thrilled with my review being so horrid. Horrid is my word for the day.)
Genre: Historical fiction.
My Rating: 2 stars.
Recommendation: I don’t recommend this book. If you want to read it go for it!
My Favorite Character/s: I wasn’t able to keep up with the characters, and they weren’t very interesting. (What you can’t see here is me … Hitting my head on the wall as I want to cry in sadness for the poor book I’m reviewing because all books are precious; there are just some that are for other people and NOT me.)
My Thoughts: OK, so, I thought this would be an interesting read, and it was until the second chapter; I couldn’t connect with the characters and the book had a dragging storyline. So, while I see a good bit of potential it was slightly boring. I did enjoy reading the beginning but if I hadn’t needed to review it I would have stopped reading around the 3rd chapter.
It was like the author threw awesome ideas in a mixer hoping to make macaroons and it came out as pickled eggs that are considered edible by some people but are too horrid to eat. (You want proof I HATE pickled eggs? I have a video … *ducks in embarssment*)

Major Spoiler (That is needed. Sorry!) Don’t read further if you want to regret having eyes to read with because of this horrid book read this book

*cries* It disturbed me that the main character’s mother and the main character’s fiance was supposed to marry got married. Who does that? It was horrible to me!

If books had feelings, this book would feel like Job wishing it was never written.

COPYRIGHTED to Kaylee’s Kind Of Writes.
Not really copyrighted just thought it be fun to say that!
(I received this book in exchange for my honest review and I’m happy to provide it.)

2 responses to “Book 31 of 31 Christmas Book Reviews!”

  1. Bahaha, fabulous review. xD And yes, basically my thoughts on the book… WEB has some really amazing books too though, so don't give up hope. 😉


  2. Why, thank you! I went back and read your whole review after I wrote my review which was great by the way. My mom liked her old ones so, I'll try some of them.


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