Mini Reviews, News of A Giveaway, Where’d The Blog Birthday Go, Is This Blog Dying, Am I Going To Do Lit Boxes, and What’s Next?

To start this off here are several long ago should have been posted reviews of spectacular books. They are wonderful books, I just got super super busy. Each of these books is better for 16 up since they have some more mature content.

Mini Review of Never Let Go by Elizabeth Goddard: When I joined the launch team for the second book in the series I knew I had to hurriedly read this one first. And I am so glad I did! This is an interesting and extremely enjoyable suspense. With a mysterious and heartbreaking back story our main character, Austin and a sad and cared for background for loving and heartbroken Willow, this story follows a scary and hurting cold case that will keep readers guessing though you may call a few things before they happen. And then be told wrong? Yeah, I didn’t think it would be like that…


Mini Review of Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard:
After quickly reading the first book in the series the night before I started reading this one I was excited to find out more about the brothers and their relationship, with spot one suspense that was somewhat bothersome for me, and hard to stomach, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first just because of the cruelty of certain characters that I pegged as the bad guy, then thought I was mistaken, and so on several times yet I was surprised by the bad guy and the ending. Where is the next book!?!


Mini Review of A Cross To Kill by Andrew Huff: I may or may not have stayed up way past bedtime, like 2 in the morning reading this, oops? NOT!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, there was romance, secrets, danger, a beating which wasn’t great (who wants to see their pastor beaten up?), there were attacks, and more secrets, not a surprise, right? But there was a uniqueness to the story that completely set this apart from most suspense in a good way. I was somewhat surprised that the book mentioned so many different denominations of churches. The writing style could be slightly boring and too descriptive at points, in all it was all right.


Mini Review of The Roll of Drums by Jan Drexler: Hmm-mmh, I requested this because I loved the idea of the book, a promise to a dying wife/friend and then trying to get out of it. And I thoroughly enjoyed The Roll of Drums which is a wonderful title, I might add. I liked that the characters each had their own voice even the children since sometimes I’ve read Amish books where the characters blend into one another. It was interesting to read about Amish during such a hard and war-torn time and how they worked their way through it.


Mini Review of Where I Was Planted by Heather Norman Smith: When I saw this book on JustReads I knew I had to try it out. The cover, the blurb, and everything said that it would be an enjoyable story but opening that ebook? It was not what I was expecting, it was better, and I loved it. The way the Bible stories came into Nate’s life was so sweet and also so very sad, but the way he grew from them was one of the best parts of the book, I highly recommend Where I Was Planted for anyone over 13, I don’t believe younger reader enjoy the story as much though.


(I received each of these books in exchange for my honest review and am truly happy to provide it. Except for Never Let Go, which I got from my library.)


I am excited to announce I will be doing a huge giveaway in the new year that will be through Instgram, Facebook, (maybe) Pinterest, and not likely on my blog. So I’d love to know what kind of bookish swag would you like to see in a giveaway? What books would you want to see in the giveaway? eBooks, paperbacks, audiobooks? Bag, mug, or hug? 😉

What would you want to see? Any and all ideas welcome and you may just see something that you suggest.


Well, it would seem I forgot to do something for the second birthday of my blog, right? Not quite, I decided NOT to celebrate even though it was something of a milestone I suppose, I’m not sure that I am being as reader friendly/helpful as I could be and I feel like I’ve gotten way from my mission to help readers find good Christian books that don’t have you reading inappropriate content. I’m not saying the books I’ve reviewed are bad but I think I’ve brought on too many blog post ideas, and to make a long story short I think I just may stop posting on here.

Meaning, I think that the former ideas I had are causing my blog to die out to nothing, I’m doing too much.

I am going to stop posting once I have fulfilled the blog tour commitments I have, some of which aren’t until December and then I will just leave Read Write Breathe alone.

I will do one more post on here that is going to be some random time once I can tell you more about what I am going to do. . . I need to get my Lit Box ideas down and to open a shop which may also have a blog that I post on twice a week?

And maybe God willing I will be able to share my new ideas soon but if not, THANK YOU so VERY much for FOLLOWING me the past TWO YEARS, it has been a blast sharing books, meeting new friends, finding awesome blogs to follow, books to read, and so much more. THANK YOU!!!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Do my reviews help you find books? Would you be disappointed if I stop blogging completely?

One response to “Mini Reviews, News of A Giveaway, Where’d The Blog Birthday Go, Is This Blog Dying, Am I Going To Do Lit Boxes, and What’s Next?”

  1. Yes I would be disappointed if you stopped blogging completely. I don’t think reviews help me find books. I don’t know, it’s sad…

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