12 Days of Christmas Blog Party: Day 1!

Wow, it so doesn’t feel like the 14th! Here’s a little flash fiction that I wrote for Faith Potts’ Christmas Blog Party! I am scheduling this post, and I don’t know how many days I’ll be posting, or what I’ll be posting so we’re just going to go with the flow.

Damen shook his fist at the car driving away from the home his family had rented for the last ten years.
The young woman had no feelings, he thought as the woman’s driver pulled out of sight, she had inherited the house from her grandparents and she wanted to make changes they wouldn’t approve of.
How was he to care for his brother when the landlady refused to even let him pay one day late so he could take his brother to his weekly doctor’s visit which cost him nearly all they had every week, give Jor a Christmas since he had so little to look forward to, and he had always enjoyed Christmas?
Damen paused a moment, praying before he limped back to the porch, eyeing the worn rug that had once read welcome. Jor’s voice was weak as Damen stepped into the hallway, “Did she agree?”
“Don’t you worry, we’re all good.” Damen shrugged as he helped Jorden to the wheelchair beside the bed. Jor looked tired, his face pale, and lips chapped. “Did you sleep well?” He asked as he pushed the wheeled chair into the kitchen.
Jor smiled and gave a frail nod, “Yes.”
Damen attempted to nod as he set out lunch, “Good, good.” He bit his lip as he turned to the fridge, his eyes caught on the old picture of Jor’s family all together right before the accident… Before Jor had been hurt so badly… Before Jor had lost everything… Before…
“I really don’t like going to town.” Jor looked up with big round eyes as a child would.
“It will help you feel better to see the doctor,” Damen said as he patted his brother’s shoulder, the conversation already on loop in his thoughts as he waited for the usual anger at having to go to therapy. “It is only once or twice a week, buddy. Okay?”
Jor frowned and muttered something as he bowed his head, waiting to pray. Damen sighed as he sat down, prayed, and they began their meal. “I wouldn’t make you go if you didn’t need to. You know that, right, Jor?”
Jor looked up, his eyes wet, “Yes…” He said in a low slightly sad voice.
Damen swallowed hard at the hurt tone, he quickly finished eating, cleaned up, and helped Jor to the porch where he would read until it was time for the doctor’s visit. At his desk, Damen resumed working on the digital designs he had been working on the night before, but worries filled his mind, how was he to pay for the doctor’s visit and still pay the rent? Without any new clients, he wasn’t able to make enough to cover both.
Pushing these thoughts away he looked up, it was beginning to rain, he went to the porch, Jor looked up from the picture book he had been flipping through. Damen sighed, just three years before his brother had been reading those books to his daughter until the accident took the darling girl, and Jor’s brain injury nearly killed him, but he survived with no memories of the past and the mind of a young child.
A knock on the door startled them both as Damen set about drying the kitchen floor. Wiping his hands on his jeans he limped to the door, opening it he saw an envelope on the welcome mat. Frowning, he picked it up, looking around he didn’t see anyone.
“Damen, help me?” He turned to see Jor was upset as he watched his little brother.
“It’s fine, buddy.”
Opening the envelope, he stared in shock at the bills in the fold, a small sticky note boasted large masculine handwriting, “I hope this helps. Your family once helped mine, and I think it’s time I repaid the debt.”
Thanking the Lord, he silently turned to his brother, “What do you say to a turkey dinner for Christmas with the biggest tree you’ve ever seen?”
A grin split his brother’s face as Jor nodded.

What do you think?! Do you like it?!?

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    1. That I have no business writing…? Lol, it isn’t that good, I know… I nearly just did something else just because I know this doesn’t make enough sense.


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