Five Fall Favorites: Adventure

Whoa, guys! It’s already October. Can you believe that?! I can’t! This year has been insanity for my family and I and it hasn’t really calmed down, however, I’m so happy to present the Five Fall Favorites! *grabs my backpack off of the bus* Oh, did you know my family no longer drives a van? We have a mini bus! It’s pretty awesome and leaves plenty of room for books.

*settles my book filled backpack on my shoulders* Come on, let’s go find some new books!

Today, we’re talking about……. ADVENTURE stories!

Who doesn’t love a good adventure story?!

The Twin Arrows is a sort of recent favorite medieval fantasy tale.

The Twin Arrows (The Twin Arrows, #1)

The Twin Arrows by Kate Willis

Two children. Two journeys. Twin arrows.

Ryla follows her father’s parting instructions as closely as she carries his gift. Her protectors are kind, and safety is certain inside the convent’s strong walls. But now she must leave and what lies ahead is uncertain…

Her brother Drewin won’t wait any longer. The knight promised to escort him isn’t coming, and gossiping neighbors threaten to reveal his identity. He strikes out on his own, sure he can outrun the danger…

My Thoughts

This little story is quite a sweet one! I love reading medieval fiction with siblings, and the sibling ties in this one were perfect! I highly recommend this for all ages!

If you don’t have a copy yet you can mark it TBR on Goodreads from the link in the title or grab your copy here!

Okay, now there are also the advetures that aren’t as … warm or medieval like Deadlock.

Deadlock (Deadlock, #1)

Deadlock by P.D. Atkerson

Before there was a Phantom Thief, one boy made a choice.

For as long as he can remember, Gregory’s life has been laid out for him. He’s always known if he passes his testing, he will become a leader in Deadlock like his ancestors before him. But after nearly dying and being saved by the man he was sent to kill, and who takes him in, Gregory starts to wonder if the life he’s been living is really a life at all.

By the time he realizes Deadlock won’t just let him walk away, he only has one choice to make: Finish the testing and return to Deadlock? Or fight for his new life and family? But no matter what he chooses, he may lose everything.

My Thoughts

This book… Yikes! I loved getting insight into what led up to the Phantom Thief. I can’t say it was really what I expected but wow… P.D. Atkerson has a way that pulls you into the thrilling books and hooks you on them … For life! 😉

Deadlock is darker than the AKA Simon Lee books but I still recommend for 13 up.

Quickly get your copy here and if you haven’t read any of P.D. Atkerson’s books grab them all while you’re at it!

While Deadlock is a recent favorite one of my all time favorite adventures is … Sherlock Holmes! In this case, The Adventure of The Final Problem!

The Adventure of the Final Problem  (The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, #11)

Adventure of the Final Problem by ARTHUR Conan Doyle

The Final Problem” is a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his detective character Sherlock Holmes. It was first published in Strand Magazine in December 1893. It appears in book form as part of the collection The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle later ranked “The Final Problem” fourth on his personal list of the twelve best Holmes stories.

My Thoughts

The Final Problem is one of my all time favorite classics! I don’t often find classics I actually enjoy but my two favorite classical authors are Arthur Conan Doyle and Jane Austen and I’ve never read a book of either of theirs I didn’t enjoy. The Final Problem isn’t exactly a fun read but I enjoy rereading it time and again.

I recommend it to a little more mature audience since it is a bit darker and is a mystery but it is mostly quite clean.

You can snag your copy of this classic here!

And for a bit more of a younger read To Birmingham Castle is an old favorite of mine!

To Birmingham Castle: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure (The Comrades of Honor Series, #1)

Birmingham Castle by Alicia A. Willis

The time is the Middle Ages, a time of clashing arms, valiant knights, and intriguing castles. Join Robert Fitz Hasseltine, a young nobleman of unchallenged character and the heir to his uncle’s vast earldom. Valiant, yet merciful, Robert’s steadfast determination to aid the weak brings him face to face with several individuals who urgently need his protective care–individuals who must throw themselves upon his compassion and rely on his strength to overcome their pasts and lead successful lives.

Yet the days are volatile, and danger lurks on the horizon. There are dangerous enemies who hate Robert’s steadfast character and ever-present mercy–enemies who would do anything to vanquish his compassion and shower their malice upon his cause. A thrilling adventure commences, coupling victory, peril, friendship, and rivalry. During his eventful journey from squire to knight to earl, Robert’s courage is strongly tested and his strength challenged. Will he be able to overcome the enemies that beset him and proclaim himself the undisputed lord of his shire? And, above all, will he abide true to his resolve and prove to be a kind, considerate master?

Join Robert and his steadfast friends, Brandon, Strephon, Nathaniel, and Narcissa, in their long journey of friendship and adventure, and experience the thrilling perils of life at Birmingham Castle!

A novel of adventure, suspense, friendship, and courage, as a young man embarks on a perilous journey to overcome tyranny and reform chivalry in medieval England.

My Thoughts

Find my review here! By the way… It was one of my first reviews so I didn’t really know what I was doing. 😉 Pick up your copy here!

And, now for the fans of family stories, Nancy Drew, and finding family here’s … The Boxcar Children!

The Boxcar Children (The Boxcar Children, #1)

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are brothers and sisters. They’re orphans too, and the only way they can stay together is to make it on their own. When the children find an abandoned boxcar in the woods, they decide to call it home―and become
the Boxcar Children!

My Thoughts

The Boxcar Children is a story my family has loved for a while now. We watched the first movie together and I later searched for the books which I ended up liking just as much! The Boxcar Children is a wonderful story for a family read or even just read yourself … It’s meant for younger readers but most are likely to enjoy it!

Find your own copy here or mark it on Goodreads at the link in the title!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY here! It’s so awesome as always!

You could even win a copy of Oh, The Fallen!

21 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites: Adventure

  1. Thanks for sharing books from that full backpack! I enjoyed The Twin Arrows too. I don’t remember if I ever read any of the Boxcar Children growing up or not. I know my older siblings did, but I don’t know if I did. *makes note to see if the library has them still*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All these books look so interesting (well, minus the Boxcar children-I was 16 when I finally read them and I didn’t really love them *hides*)
    *add Birmingham Castle to the top of her tbr* I’ve only read one book by Alicia Willis, but it was so good!


  3. The Boxcar Children!! I read them soo much and loved them when I was a kid!!
    And now I want to read Twin Arrows! It sounds so good, and I loved Kate Willis’ other book, Kieran! *heart eyes*


  4. Ah, yes, Boxcar Children … did you read them all? I wasn’t able to stick with the whole series, though I did enjoy them.



  5. Hi Abigail! Nice to meet you! Call me Julia (actually, it’s my pen/writer’s name, but please feel free to call me by it anyway).
    Ah, I read Twin Arrows too! And The Boxcar Children series has been a favorite of mine as a kid! Did you enjoy the movie version of the first book? I thought it stayed pretty true to the story line.


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