Five Fall Favorites: Apology

Hey… Um. You’ll notice my messed up posts and how mixed up they’ve been this past week.

So, I just wanted to pop in and apologize!

I thought I could do FFF. I can and have done them somewhat, but with everything going on, not to mention the fact my body just hates me right now it just hasn’t been what it should be.

I messed up and took on too much. I made a bad choice to not back out of FFF.

Until the past two weeks, I was doing pretty well with getting back into blogging, but I am still dealing with mold detox, trying to heal, and half or completely sick everyday with bad brain fog and headaches often making me lose focus. Then my laptop didn’t want to work with hotel wifi for several days.

I’ve worked on bits of these posts for the past two months and the fact they aren’t finished and in a good condition for my readers is my fault and makes me ashamed that I didn’t back out.

So, this is my apology for once again biting off more than I could chew and not being responsible towards my readers, you, and the other bloggers taking part in FFF. I’m going to try to fix today’s post, I don’t know if I can. I’m also going to try to get tomorrow’s post up, but I also don’t know if I can. I’m sorry.

It’s crazy, really, in the past when I couldn’t do anything I could do blogging, writing, and reading, but not so much now.

It’s for sure a hard thing for my pride to take when I have to write something like this knowing it’s fully my fault, but at the same time I’m just going to have to take a step back and I don’t know what that will mean so I may not post on here for a long while.

Let’s call this my unoffical hiatus!

11 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites: Apology

  1. I know you didn’t get all your posts up, but thank you for all the work you did in getting most of them up. Taking a step back is hard, but it can also be very freeing. *hugs*


  2. That’s okay, and I hope you feel better soon! Realizing you’re doing too much is the first step in recovering. 🙂



  3. Hey, girl, there’s nothing wrong with realizing you’ve taken on too much! We all do it, and many of us don’t have the courage to say so honestly, and just run ourselves into the ground keeping up with our commitments. Don’t feel badly at all – I’m actually proud of you for being willing to admit that it’s too much! *hugs*


  4. Hey, don’t worry about it! Sometimes unexpected things happen and throw our plans out the window; and we have no control over it. That’s just life. Thank you for your honesty. I hope to be as brave and honest as you’ve been. I hope you feel much better and take good care of yourself!


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